Voltage stabilizers "Deer" and "Deer-2".

Power supplies. Rectifiers, stabilizers, autotransformers, transient transformers, etc.Surge ProtectorsVoltage stabilizers "Olen", "Olen-2" and "Olen-10" (CH-315) from the beginning of 1975, 1978 and 1981 were produced by the Gorky Machine-Building Plant. All stabilizers are designed to power radio and television equipment, which consumes power up to 315 W from an alternating current 220 V, 50 Hz. The stabilizers support the output voltage of 220 V, when changing it at the input from 110 to 253 V at a load of up to 250 W. At a load of 300 ... 315 W, the lower limit rises to 154 V. Power consumption is 50 W. Dimensions 309x197x105 mm. Weight 5.2 kg. The price is 35 rubles. The models are similar in design.