Rectifiers universal semiconductor VUP-2 and VUP-2M.

Power supplies. Rectifiers, stabilizers, autotransformers, transient transformers, etc.RectifiersRectifiers universal semiconductor "VUP-2" and "VUP-2M" were produced by the Leningrad plant "Elektrodelo" presumably since 1970 and 1980, respectively. "VUP-2" is a universal source of rectified voltage for powering radio engineering devices in educational institutions. Allows you to obtain a rectified voltage of 350 V at a current strength of 220 mA; constant filtered voltage 250 V at a load of 50 mA; adjustable voltage from 0 to 250 V DC to 50 mA; adjustable voltage from 0 to + 100 V and from 0 to - 100 V DC, up to 10 mA; voltage 6.3 V AC up to 3 A. The octal panel located on the front of the rectifier serves to connect power to the centimeter wave generator. Rectifier "VUP-2M" allows you to get the same voltage as "VUP-2" except for the regulated voltage of 250 volts.