Thermogenerator '' TGK-3 ''.

Power supplies. Rectifiers, stabilizers, autotransformers, transient transformers, etc.ThermogeneratorsSince 1953, the TGK-3 thermogenerator has been produced by several factories in the country. Not quite radio-related, but still. Thermogenerator "TGK-3" with a power of 3 W is designed to power rural battery-operated radio receivers such as "Rodina-47", "Rodina-52", "Iskra", "Tallinn B-2", "Tula" and others. Simultaneously with the operation of the radio, the room was illuminated with a heating and at the same time a lighting lamp "Lightning", which was important in the evening when people came home from work and wanted to listen to the country's news. The principle of operation of a thermogenerator is based on the effect of heating an alloy of two different metals (thermocouples) where voltage arose. The thermogenerator consists of two thermopiles, one of which gives a voltage of 2 V at a current of 0.5 A and feeds the glow of the receiver lamps, the second gives a voltage of 2 V at a current of 2 A and feeds the anodes of the lamps through a vibration transducer. There is also a tap to power the incandescent lamps of some receivers with a voltage of 1.2 V and a current of 0.36 A.