Short-range concert microphone `` MD-78A ''.

Microphones.MicrophonesThe MD-78A short-range concert microphone has been produced presumably since 1977 by the Oktava Tula plant. Designed for vocal transmission. The elastic capsule suspension and built-in windscreen effectively suppress mechanical, acoustic and wind noise and absorb the noise of the performer's hand contact with the microphone. Has two spaced acoustic inputs, which provides a sufficient level of sensitivity. Directivity: cardioid. Operating frequency range: 50 ... 15000 Hz. Sensitivity (free field at 1000 Hz) not less: 2 mV / Pa. The level of its own noise (due to the influence of the electromagnetic field) is not more than 10 dB. Output impedance 200 ohms. XLR-3 connector. Temperature range -20 / + 50 ° С. Diameter: 52 mm. Length 181 mm. Weight 220 gr.