Tube condenser microphone '' 19 A-19 ''.

Microphones.MicrophonesThe condenser tube microphone "19A-19" with the KMK-7 set has been produced presumably since 1967 by the Leningrad Optical-Mechanical Association (LOMO). Universal microphone "19A-19" is intended for use in radio and television studios, in concert halls. Vibration resistant. As an amplifying lamp, 6S6B lamps were used, later 6S51N, even later 6S31B and 6S37B, other lamps could also be used. The microphone is unidirectional. Operating frequency range 40 ... 15000 Hz. Uneven frequency response - 8 dB. Load resistance 250 Ohm. Sensitivity 16 mV at idle. Microphone dimensions 40x155 mm. Weight 170 gr. The kit includes a power supply.