Universal stabilizer "USN-315".

Power supplies. Rectifiers, stabilizers, autotransformers, transient transformers, etc.Surge ProtectorsThe USN-315 universal stabilizer has been produced since 1971. The voltage stabilizer of the ferroresonant type "USN-315" is intended for power supply from the network 127 and 220 in color and black-and-white televisions, as well as other household equipment. The nominal voltage at the output of the stabilizer is 220 V, the open-circuit voltage is 226 V, the output power is 315 W. When the mains voltage changes within 154 ... 253 V (for a 220 V network) and 89 ... 146 V (for a 127 V network), a frequency of 50 Hz and an active load of 315 W, the stabilized voltage does not go beyond the lower limit equal to 205 volts. The nonlinear distortion factor of the stabilizer is 8%, that is, one and a half times lower than in currently produced stabilizers for powering black-and-white televisions. The dimensions of the stabilizer are 170x237x148 mm, weight with a copper wire winding 8.5 kg, with an aluminum wire winding 7.5 kg.