Concert dynamic microphone `` MD-87A ''.

Microphones.MicrophonesConcert dynamic microphone "MD-87A" has been produced possibly since 1987 by the Tula plant "Oktava". Unilaterally directional (supercardioid) with elastic capsule suspension and built-in windscreen provides effective suppression of acoustic, wind and mechanical interference, including noise arising from the contact of the performer's hands with the microphone body. In the sound field of distant sources, the frequency characteristics have a roll-off to low frequencies, which is leveled in the working position with respect to the performer due to the near-field effect, which, together with the directional spatial characteristic, makes it possible to work at significant volume levels without the danger of an acoustic tie. The microphone has a double-domed diaphragm to provide sufficient sensitivity in the low frequency range. Frequency range 40 ... 16000 Hz. Sensitivity - 1.3 ... 2.6 mV / Pa. Output impedance 250 ± 50 ohms. Noise level 15 dB. Temperature range -20 / +50 C. Humidity 93%. Dimensions 50 x 197 mm. Weight 300 g.