Dynamic microphone `` MD-282 '' (MD-382).

Microphones.MicrophonesThe dynamic microphone "MD-282" has been produced by the Tula plant "Oktava" since 1981. Speech microphone, unidirectional, for completing household sound recording equipment. The range of perceived frequencies is 50 ... 16000 Hz. Since 1985, along with the release of the MD-282 model, a microphone has been produced under the name MD-382, which is similar in design and design to the first model. The range of perceived frequencies is 80 ... 12500 Hz. The load impedance of all microphones is 200 ohms. There were 2 modifications of microphones: "MD-282" (MD-382) and "MD-282A" (MD-382A) (with a reed switch on the body).