Dynamic microphone `` MD-47 ''.

Microphones.MicrophonesThe dynamic microphone "MD-47" has been produced by the Tula association "Oktava" since the 1st quarter of 1962. Dynamic microphone "MD-47" is intended for amateur sound recording in conjunction with household tape recorders. The sensitivity of the microphone at a load of 0.5 MΩ and a frequency of 1000 Hz is not less than 15 mV / m2 / n. The unevenness of the frequency response in the operating range of audio frequencies of 100 ... 10000 Hz is not more than 20 dB, and in the range of 1000 ... 10000 Hz is not more than 12 dB. Microphone "MD-47" is omnidirectional. The dimensions of the MD-47 microphone are 94x71x32 mm. Weight - 200 gr. In 1970, the microphone output was replaced with a modern one.